Kechara Earth Project – 15 August 2010

As reported by Lionel Chew


Happy to help save Planet Earth!

It was a very hot Saturday morning when a group of environmentally-conscious people got together to do their bit for the environment. Starting very early at the SunwayMas Commercial Centre playground (located next to Kechara House 1), the Kechara Earth Project team of Jace Chong, Phng Wee Liang, Lionel Chew and headed by Wan Wai Meng gathered to collect old newspapers, aluminium cans, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and whatever else that could be recycled.

Our skip filled up pretty quickly, what with so many recyclables!

Having sacrificed the comforts of a nice bed, the team were consistently reminded of the importance of their efforts to reduce global warming, with sweat streaming down from their foreheads. However, the heat did not deter them from their good work as several people showed up to give us their recyclable goods. Among the stuff collected by the Kechara Earth Project team, we are grateful to have these people contribute some of their time to pass us their recyclables:

  • Henry Ooi
  • Lim Han Nee
  • Judy Lam
  • Ng Kok Hoong
  • Li Ann and husband
  • Daniel Lok (who also stayed back to help us out)
  • Alex Tan
  • Mr Ngeow
  • Ms Tham (a passerby who happened to stumble upon us)
  • Sura Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Cindy
  • Kok Wah Ying
  • Wan Wong
  • Girlie Ooi
  • Elize from Wow Wow Pets
  • Stella Loh
  • Kok Yek Yee
  • Chia Song Peng
  • Shin Tan

A special note of thanks to Ken and Shirley for helping us pick up some recyclables with their lovely truck. We also wish to thank Yeos for donating several boxes of their delicious soya drinks to help quench the thirst of the hard-working volunteers. Last but definitely not least, we want to thank everyone who took the time to drop off their recyclables.

Thank you Yeos for the drinks!

With so much activity going on, the Kechara Earth Project team managed to attract the attention of several onlookers; one such person happened to work in the Just Right Café across the playground where the recycling activity was held. Seeing the good work that the team was doing, the café has pledged to help collect their recyclables for us to collect in our next session.

Thanks to everyone’s efforts and contributions, the Kechara Earth Project team managed to collect a whopping 1,226kg worth of recyclable goods…not bad for a Sunday morning!

If you would also like to help the Kechara Earth Project Team and do your part for our environment, please do store your papers, plastic and cans for our next recycling event on 12 September 2010 at the same location. For more information about our upcoming events click HERE.

3 Responses to Kechara Earth Project – 15 August 2010

  1. Judy Lam

    Kudos to Wai Meng, Jace, Lionel & Wee Liang (not forgetting some volunteers) who have done such a great job not just for Kechara, but also for mother earth! Your hard work and commitment will certainly inspire more people to join you and support your recycling efforts. KMP has started recycling from day one, and we are very happy to support your recycling activities. Keep up the good work!

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