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2 August 2010 - 1:31am 4 Comments

Since the Kuantan group was established earlier this year, they have gone from strength to strength. During a recent visit by Kok Yek Yee and Chia Song Peng, they received these lovely updates from the group who are highly motivated to bring Kechara’s authentic Dharma, as well as Lama Tsongkhapa’s tradition, to Kuantan.

Monthly kids’ class

Yek Yee and Chia’s arrival in Kuantan coincided with the group’s monthly children’s class. Wei Ling, Suet Moi, Shin San and Kristy were teaching a class of thirteen children, ranging from 5 to 12 years old. Suet Moi and Wei Ling told Yek Yee that before the class, they had gone to a handicraft class themselves, to learn skills to teach to the children. According to Yek Yee and Chia, this extra effort was well worth it – the children were having a really great time, laughing and happily playing away in the room…there was a lot of energy in the space!

Arts and craft in full swing!

Shin San sponsors a house

After becoming involved in the Kuantan group’s activities for the last few months, Shin San has become one of their most active members, taking care of the group’s accounts and administration. Described as quiet, practical and kind, Shin San’s sense of responsibility means she is always busy contributing towards the Kuantan group, although her Dharma knowledge is only just growing.

Recently, Shin San told Leonard Chia and the other members of the Kuantan group that she would like to offer her own home as a gathering space for at least two years, rental-free. This would enable the group to have enough space for a proper altar (they are currently raising funds to invite a Lama Tsongkhapa statue), as well as rest areas for Kechara members who visit them from Kuala Lumpur…how thoughtful!

It may not have been her intention, but Shin San’s kindness and confidence in the group’s ability to grow, will increase the group’s confidence in their own potential to grow. This could not have been said better than Leonard, who expressed that if the group works hard to spread Lama Tsongkhapa’s tradition, then help will come in the form of people like Shin San!

The kids show off their creations

4 Responses to Eastern updates

  1. Keep it up frens in Kuantan!

  2. Wow! Keep up the great work!

    And as for Wei Ling, Suet Moi, Shin San and Kristy – teaching is one of the best ways to give back! The best way is to simple roll up your sleeves and do it hands-o. Kudos to you all for having the initiative to learn a craft yourselves and then teach.

    Having children’s activities together help to bring, bond family and friends closer.

    I am sure the children’s class will grow from a monthly class to perhaps once a fortnight and weekly in time and I look forward to going up there…

    Got Heart? Sure Can!

  3. Wow..Wonderful pics..happy to see every kids are full of joy and they learn a lots from the class not only learn handicraft but learn how to socialize and respect each other during the class..let us holds our hands to hands..make this Kuantan Study Group become more better and better !!!

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