How You Can Help

28 March 2012 - 7:44pm Comments Off

Your help is crucial. With one person or Kechara Earth Project (KEP) alone we cannot do more. However with more effort sure we can instil more positive energy and impacts to make our planet greener.

Here’s how you can offer your help:

Be a volunteer

You can volunteer for event or activity organized by KEP from time to time. Or you can offer yourself as our recycling volunteer to help out at the recycling site.

Be a daily green warrior

Collect and drop your recyclables to our recycling site. A small effort a day, will make a huge impact.

Be a social media person

Write article or report on KEP event to promote green message. Your sharing and promotion on social media such as Facebook will definitely help. It will educate and create more awareness on preserving our planet.

Be a green lover

Lend your green skills by teaching other how to grow herbs, plants, flowers; composing or coking healthy food.

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