Ullambana Liberating Prayers: For Our Loved Ones and All Beings

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Liberate your departed loved ones and all beings by joining us for the Ullambana Liberating Prayers during the Chinese 7th Lunar Month this year. Calling upon the all-loving energy of Amitabha and Manjushri in their form as Protectors of the Dharma, these liberating prayers create such energy that helps those who are recently deceased to take a fortunate rebirth, and alleviate the sufferings of those who have already taken rebirth.

A student of the Buddha once asked how he could help his mother who had taken rebirth in the Hell Realms. The Buddha replied that by engaging in positive deeds and dedicating them to his mother, her suffering would be alleviated. The student did so and as a result was able to help not only his mother but others near her who were also suffering.

By engaging in positive deeds such as prayers, making offerings of robes to monks and nuns, feeding the homelessliberating animals, etc., and dedicating these actions to our loved ones and all beings, we can alleviate their sufferings through the power of these positive deeds.

These Liberating Prayers are like the light from a candle in the darkness not only for those who have departed us but also for ourselves and our loved ones still with us. Through these prayers, we can clear obstacles faced in life and create merit as the greatest gift for those we love.

The puja will focus on dedicating merit to the dearly departed and also to all sentient beings, especially those in hell realms and hungry ghost realms.

Available Ullambana Packages:

Candle Offering Packages

In the Treasury of Bodhisattvas Sutra, it says, “Offer 10,000 bright lamps to confess and extinguish hosts of negative karma and defilements”. The offering of light dispels darkness and illuminates our life with love, joy and protection.

1) Bodhi Package: RM100
30 days of light offerings + 1 dedication tablet

2) Compassion Package: RM150
60 days of light offerings + 1 dedication tablet

Puja Packages

By sponsoring pujas during the month of Ullambana, one generates tremendous merits through offerings to the Guru and Three Jewels, while all sentient beings of the six realms, especially the hell beings and hungry ghosts that roam around during the Ullambana month are blessed through the power of the Buddhas.

What’s more, complimentary light offerings will be made on your behalf with every sponsorship of a puja package!

1) Jinpa Package (Family package)
For health, protection and blessings
RM100 – RM500 (Complimentary: 1 month of light offerings)

2)  Mahakaruna Package (Corporate package)
A) RM600 – RM1000 (Complimentary: 2 months of light offerings)
B) RM2000 – RM5000 (Complimentary: 6 months of light offerings)
C) RM6000 and above: (Complimentary: 12 months of light offerings + 1 in-house Dorje Shugden puja)

Event Details


Kechara House
No. 7, Jalan PJU 1/3G,
Sunwaymas Commercial Centre,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia


  • 15 August 2016 (English Prayer)
  • 17 August 2016 (Chinese Prayer)

For more information, please contact:

  • +603 7803 3908
  • +609 221 5600

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