Celebrity Ghost Stories (6)

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Since I was very young I’ve had a huge interest in the paranormal, Tibet, magic, mysteries, bigfoot, lochness, Findhorn, Ufo’s, Nazca lines, spirits, Salem, Easter Island, dowsing, Greek Gods, Hindu Gods, Yogis, Himalayas, Shambala, Aura, divinations, Delphic Oracle, Tibetan Oracles, Nature Spirits, Pan, Shamans and similar. I use to love that show called ‘IN SEARCH OF’ hosted by Leonard Nimoy. It is on youtube and I have the whole video collection. Pastor Loh Seng Piow ordered for me. I watch it from time to time. I loved ‘Chariot of the Gods’ Erich Von Daniken and have watched it 20 times maybe. I can really relate to these subjects. Even now I am very interested and find these subjects very fascinating. I always watch shows related to the above. Especially documentaries.

Yes, I do believe 100% in UfO’s, lochness, bigfoot, Shambala, Nature Spirits all the way. There are so many realms and planes of existence that Lord Buddha has described and mentioned many times. I trust Lord Buddha. Buddha talked about other existences over 2,600 years ago before cultural prejudices said it can or cannot exist.

The other day I watched Ghost Stories by Celebrities. It was very interesting. So i thought I’d share with you. Do enjoy please.

Tsem Rinpoche

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