The Paranormal Zone invades your home!

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Do you dare sit in a cemetery at night, make contact with unseen residents of haunted houses, touch the bloody remains of a cursed foetus and venture into the realms of dreams and past lives like the dynamic host of The Paranormal Zone, Li Kim? Follow The Paranormal Zone as Li Kim and her team objectively investigate classified, strange and unexplained phenomena in Malaysia.

This program is aimed at providing entertaining substance to the public by giving both mystical and logical perspectives on topics such as hauntings, ghosts & spirits, trances, and local myths. With this knowledge, the audience may have a better understanding of the unknown and things that go bump in the night.

Guided by the mysterious Master Tsem, whose identity is never revealed, the team talks to celebrities, researchers, practitioners, enthusiasts, believers and skeptics about their encounters. The daredevil and gung-ho Li Kim will do about anything just to bring the paranormal experience right out of your television screen!

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