KO and PETA!

20 October 2009 - 7:25pm 1 Comment

Breaking news! Kechara Oasis has been contacted by none other than PETA!

What could be better endorsement of a vegetarian restaurant’s quality and values, than being asked to cater an event hosted by the world’s largest animal rights organisation?

KO will be feeding attendees at a PETA photo shoot and press event, featuring Malaysia’s very own Amber Chia.

An animal lover and humanitarian, Amber is already familiar to us through Kechara Soup Kitchen. She has volunteered to appear in a print Public Service Announcement (PSA), to promote PETA’s campaign to educate the public about the plight of animals in zoos.

Having invited the media for a “sneak peak” of the ad, PETA would like to offer them a vegan lunch – always customer-orientated, KO’s Director Irene Lim will be sponsoring 20 delicious vegan burgers, which she is personally delivering herself.

In being associated with an organisation like PETA (famous for their videos encouraging people to go vegetarian), who will mention KO in their press releases, KO will be able to encourage more people to turn to a vegetarian diet by showing them it is delicious, varied, healthy and most of all HARM-FREE…so watch this space for more exciting updates!

For reservations and enquiries, please call Kechara Oasis directly at +603 7968 1818.

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