Other Buddhas

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Kechara Discovery’s extensive statue collection also include the following popular deities:


Dukkar in her full form is one of the most complex deities in the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon. Also known as Sitatapatra in Sanskrit, Dukkar is white in colour and her full form has 1000 faces, 1000 hands and 1000 legs.

Kechara Discovery has designed this unique 12in statue of Dukkar, depicted in her simple form with one face and two eyes. Her left hand holds the handle of a parasol unfurled above. Held in the right hand with the arm outstretched is a Dharma Wheel.

Guru Rinpoche / Padmasambhava

More than a thousand years ago, Guru Rinpoche subdued all opposing forces and established Buddhism in its supreme form in Tibet. His practice and teachings are increasingly relevant for our deluded and obsessed minds.

Hayagriva / Trakpo Sumtril

Hayagriva is the wrathful manifestation of Avalokiteshvara, also known as Chenrezig or Kuan Yin, whose compassion manifests itself as a fierce energy that compels one to overcome internal obstacles and subdue outer hindrances.

Hayagriva Trakpo Sumtril


Ksitigarbha is one of the four principal bodhisattvas in East Asian Mahayana Buddhism. Usually depicted as a monk with a nimbus around his shaved head, he carries a staff to force open the gates of hell and a wish-fulfilling jewel to light up the darkness.


Sanskrit for “Great Black One”, Mahakala appears in 75 different forms, each an emanation of a different Buddha. Mahakala’s blessings are especially well-known for quelling difficulties and obstacles arising form anger and depression.


Vaishravana or Namtose is a Buddha of Wealth and the Guardian King of the Northern direction. He is one of the primary protectors of the Gelugpa Sect, specifically serving as the Protector of the middle scope of the Lamrim.


Vajrasattva represents the purificatory powers of all the Buddhas of the ten directions. Vajrasattva practice coupled with sincere regret and positive determination purifies our bad karma and cuts the root of the vicious cycle of getting and giving pain.

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