Eight Auspicious Signs

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Kechara Discovery has designed a range of Eight Auspicious Signs in a variety of styles and forms, perfect for your home. It is very beneficial for us to offer these symbols to the Buddhas.

These signs have come to represent the state of the Enlightened mind, likened to the Buddha’s own form and qualities. With our sincere prayers, we will also attain this state of mind.

When Buddha spoke and turned the wheel of Dharma for the first time, many sentient beings were so positively affected that they made offerings to him, comprising of the eight objects that make up the eight auspicious signs.

The Eight Auspicious Signs represent aspects of Buddhist teachings and can be found in Buddhist households the world over, for example in the architecture, sewn into brocade, or as decorative motifs on ritual items like offering bowls. These signs continue to be auspicious now because the qualities they represent are still relevant to what we practice today.

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