When Vajrayogini Comes Alive

8 May 2009 - 9:23pm Comments Off

Thanks to the ardent efforts of Kechara Discovery Liaison Paul Yap, an amazingly beautiful FIVE-FOOT Vajrayogini statue is now available for Dharma friends to invite home. She is GORGEOUS and every bit like your most beautiful dream girl (except that she’s even more than that because she brings you Enlightenment!).

Crafted specially under the guidance of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche, this new range of Vajrayogini statues carries extremely accurate iconography based on traditional imagery and sources. The finished statue is extremely detailed and very finely shaped.

This is a most special and auspicious development as our whole centre is named after Vajrayogini’s paradise and we all strive towards receiving her practice eventually. Sponsoring, praying and making offerings to images of Vajrayogini helps us to create the merit and connection to receive her practice directly in the future, and gain attainments from it.

For more information or, (better yet!) to invite your own extraordinary Vajrayogini home, please contact Paul Yap at szekekyap@yahoo.co.uk or call 012.364.9797.

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