The Grandest Tsa tsas Of All

10 May 2009 - 8:10am Comments Off

Recently, Kechara Discovery in conjunction with the fund-raising committee of Kechara House has made grand Setrap tsa tsas available for all to invite home. Proceeds will go towards supporting Tsem Ladrang and all its work.

The tsa tsas are specially developed by KD under the guidance of Tsem Rinpoche, to ensure that all iconography is accurate and beautifully crafted. They are even custom-made with a special compartment in the back for placing holy items for consecration. Standing at an impressive 15 inches, the resin Setrap tsa tsas are available in full colour, antique, gold or white finishing and comes with an accompanying wooden stand.

If you would like to invite one of these very special tsa tsas back home for your practice and to support this fundraising initiative for Tsem Ladrang, please contact Paul Yap at or call 012 364 9797.

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