Pewter Tsa Tsas for the Contemporary Spiritual Seeker

8 May 2009 - 10:05pm Comments Off

Over the last year or so, Kechara Discovery has worked extensively to source and produce portable, beautiful pewter tsa tsas. Made locally from pewter, one of Malaysia’s most famous and prolific resources, these tsa tsas combine very accurate, traditional iconography with beautiful, contemporary, practical style.

While tsa tsas were traditionally made from clay and mud, these new-generation tsa tsas are unique, rare and a fantastic modern update of classic Buddha images. They are simple, yet detailed and classy; you could even add jewels or Swarovski crystals for extra bling, to personalise your own tsa tsa and make it an extra special offering to the Buddhas.

Now, all our Dharma stores and carry a comprehensive series of four pewter Buddha images – Setrap, Black Manjushri, Amitayus and Medicine Buddha. They are ideal for travel, for small altars or even as a wonderful gift of blessings, protection and healing for our loved ones.

Find out more at any of our four Dharma stores.

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