Bring Black Manjushri Home

8 May 2009 - 11:44pm Comments Off

Thanks to the wonderfully artistic eye of Kechara Discovery, bright, new Black Manjushri pewter tsatsas are now available for us to invite home or offer as gifts to our friends.

Crafted in the same unique style as our Setrap and Amitayus pewter tsatsas, these new Black Manjushri tsatsas are carved in very fine, meticulous detail, following traditional images. Paul Yap of Kechara Discovery takes very special care to ensure that all the Buddha images that we source and create are iconographically accurate, often consulting H.E. Tsem Rinpoche directly about the images.

You can be guaranteed that although the materials and design may be contemporary, images like this beautiful Black Manjushri tsatsa follow authentic guidelines and symbology to best aid your Dharma practice.

The Black Manjushri tsatsas and many other Buddha images are available at all our four Dharma outlets or online at Invite your own home today and you’ll be bringing home all the blessings, protection and deeply spiritual power of Black Manjushri.

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