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Lucy, one of KAT's long-time residents

This is an email forwarded to KECHARA from Jan Salter of Kathmandu Animal Treatment (KAT) centre in Kathmandu. A lady named Grace Perlas, who has been following H.E. Tsem Rinpoche via our websites, came across the videos and articles about KAT and was inspired to write directly to Jan. Her email is below. Below that is Jan Salter’s reply to Grace.

KAT center in northern Kathmandu



I learned of your wonderful work while watching a video of Tsem Rinpoche’s visit to your facility this past March 2009. I listen to his Dharma teachings and follow his work and indeed one of them is his love of Animals.

As you can see, I am writing from the U.S.A. I felt I had to write especially after watching the heartbreaking video of the dogs that you have rescued, most in painful conditions. It is horrific how the culture treat these wonderful creatures. I/we are animal lovers and an advocate for humane treatment of animals. I know that here in the U.S. in spite stories of animal abuse, these pets are loved and cared for by their humans. Unfortunately, not the case in other countries. My heart sank when I read about the poisoning of dogs in Kathmandu to decrease their population and how people treat them.

While watching the video, there was one dog who was just screaming in pain – I believe he/she had his bone broken? I couldn’t hear the sound that well.   At the end of the video Rinpoche went back to a cage and they showed a picture of a dog with what looks like a broken leg. Was that the same dog?   If so, how is this canine doing? We have a disabled dog, she is 2 years old, had a tragic accident when she was only 6 months, thought we would lose her but she survived. Currently she is on a cart being her back legs paralyzed. I thought about her when I heard and saw the dog from your facility and I just broke in tears to hear her cries in pain. I know that with the disability it is harder probably impossible to get her adopted. Please let us know how he/she is doing.

We have done rescue in the past. We wish we can adopt a dog from your facility or volunteer to help out but the distance is just too far. But we would certainly like to help perhaps sponsor a dog or two. Let us know if this is something that your organization do. I am a member of other rescue groups, International, WSPA. It’s good to know that you work with WSPA. Seeing the pictures of the animals you’ve rescued, before and after, your work means a lot for them.

Again, thank you for helping the animals. We are their voice.

Grace, Paula, & canines Boomer & Tara



Dear Grace,

Receiving your email yesterday was a such a pleasure.

It is wonderful to know that the message and information about our work is being appreciated.

For H.E Tsem Rinpoche to come to our centre has been a great honour …… he just walked in off the street! His love of animals is abundantly clear. He helped me a great deal that day, with advice and counseling.

Since then, his wonderful helpers in Nepal have been coming regularly. Contributing, by supplying us with very much needed items for general use.  As you will see – we are again featured in the latest news on their website.

The wee dog, that you saw Tsem Rinpoche taking interest in the video, was our precious Tara. She is a paraplegic dog that normally runs about the centre freely all the time (usually she is the first to greet people at the gate). But she got sick with age problems (she is about 10 years now) and we had to keep her in a kennel. Normally Tara can lift her back-end easily, with the help of her strong shoulder muscles but because of old age illness and weakness, it is becoming harder for her to do that and the friction of running about has caused nasty ulcerated sores on her back-end. That was why she was confined in a kennel the day H.E Tsem Rinpoche came to KAT.

Two-legged Tara

I am in the process of making her a wheelchair. She had one before, but she hated it. We hope that this time with further adjustments she will accept the new model. Let’s see… At the moment Tara is staying with me at home, until the ulcerated sores completely heal and the wheelchair is adjusted. She will then return to the centre at KAT and once again be completely free at the centre. I have 6 other dogs at my home, and she rules the roost over them all…

The crying dog you heard in the website clip may have been because, when we do the ‘ family planning op’, the dogs sometimes cry when coming around. Just like us humans – they are disorientated. This crying usually stops after about ten minutes. And then they are fine.

We do have to deal with many horrendous cases. But we have been so much encouraged, by discovering that since the start of KAT, and our education programme, people are becoming very much more aware of animal welfare.

Thank you so much once again for contacting us at KAT.

With all best wishes,
Jan Salter,( KAT founder ) and the KAT team

Jan Salter, KAT founder with Mango, their first client!

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