Pained by animal abuse

9 November 2010 - 7:04pm Comments Off

How could you hurt this little face?

Greetings Beng Kooi,

I am Judy Lim from Ipoh.

I have visited Tsem Rinpoche’s blog and website off and on since a few months ago when my uncle told me about Kechara’s activities.

My purpose in writing to you is that I would very much like Tsem Rinpoche to know that I am truly glad to learn of him rescuing the suffering abandoned animals. These poor beings have suffered immeasurably and the lucky ones get to be rescued whilst the other million are still being brutally abused every day.

Animal welfare work is very close to my heart. My family and I have been involved in this area for umpteen years. Over the years, I have cried a river of tears each time I see their suffering. A few years back I had witnessed the horrific shooting of strays in my housing estate and I have not gotten over it.

My family and I know that on our own, what we can do for these suffering animals is so limited. Hence, I have been involved with the Ipoh Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) for some time now. Even so, the ISPCA faces a monumental struggle to keep afloat every month. We currently have over 300 lives to care for in our shelter in Ipoh. We would like to take in more but space constraints hinders our work. Our society upholds the no-kill policy. The dogs in our shelter are cared for daily and they get to live out their lives free from human abuse.

Reading about Tsem Rinpoche’s kindness to these forgotten animals brought tears to my eyes. I hope to meet him one day to bow before him and thank him for taking time from his busy schedule to reach out to those who cannot speak for themselves.

The greatest pain I experience over seeing suffering animals is that I cannot help every animal I encounter. I am reminded constantly of Buddha’s teaching that sorrowful indeed is the Saha world we are in!

It is my hope that Tsem Rinpoche and all those kind people who aid him in animal rescue work will continue to bring hope and some measure of happiness to these voiceless beings of Planet Earth.

May more animals receive the compassion of Tsem Rinpoche!!!

Thank you.

Judy Lim

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