Real Eye Opener!!!

9 November 2009 - 10:41am Comments Off

Some people say why bother saving animals when there are people to save. I don’t agree with this argument due to its’ fallacy. There are many different avenues to go in life; some choose to save the animals, some choose to save the environment, some choose to save people. it’s ALL RELEVANT. Everyone has different interests, the same way some people choose a certain career, a certain hobby, etc. To each their own. If we keep with this mentality- that one thing is worth saving more than the other, there would be no one for the environment, no one for people. Just because you put your effort with animals doesn’t mean you don’t or can’t put your efforts with people or the environment. It’s ok if you choose not to because everyone has different interests. Eating cows dogs pigs cats, is all the same. Our culture stigmatizes us to think one species is more important/ has a “higher quality” of life than another. Buddhists think animals are important too, and that this world is interwoven, and not separate.—qg

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