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On this evening, Yogi was reunited with his father and sister

Cause resembles result, and result resembles cause – for Kechara Animal Sanctuary (KAS) to manifest, we must create the causes for it to do so.

That is why the 20 people accompanying His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche found themselves in a dog breeder’s shop late one night buying everything the store had to offer – dog feed of different brands and quantities, dog collars, dog treats, dog shampoo, dog toys…everything that could be bought, save for the shop’s fittings, was bought!

The evening began when Rinpoche learnt that the business, owned by Yogi’s breeder Elize, was not doing too well due to the recent economic downturn. A highly respected breeder, Elize is well known for her stringent criteria in judging whether someone will make a suitable owner for one of her dogs. Despite her tough exterior however, Elize’s actions arise from a big heart – she is equally well known for her love of animals, caring for them as a mother would for her child.

It is animal lovers like her whom Rinpoche wishes to support. Responsible breeders like Elize take great pains to ensure the animals they are responsible for are well looked-after. Their actions save these animals from a lifetime of misery and neglect in bad households.

From left to right, Smokey (Yogi's father), Yogi and Gal Gal (Yogi's sister)

A convoy of vehicles set off from the Ladrang and made their way to OUG, to Elize’s shop which had been specially opened for the occasion. Stepping inside, Rinpoche was reacquainted with the shop in which he had found Mumu so many years ago…and Mumu was reunited with his father Smokey, mother Jessie and sister Gal Gal!

Yogi (with collar) was also reunited with his mother Jessie (to his left)

It was incredible to watch as Yogi was introduced to his family. The bond was immediate; it was as if Yogi had never left their company and they were all very protective of one another. As the animals romped about and had a good time, the volunteers worked hard and fast to clear the store’s shelves of anything and everything that could be put to good use by an animal shelter. Just before leaving, Rinpoche gave Elize the most beautiful gift – a framed Lama Tsongkhapa thangka to bless her shop, home and life.

Rinpoche explained that the items will be donated to animal rescues around the Klang Valley, to help ease their operations. In doing so, we would create merit which would be dedicated to the manifestation of the Kechara Animal Sanctuary. This event was especially auspicious because it was the first purchase to be made in connection to our animal sanctuary… everything has to start from somewhere, right?

Ella (in red), her sister (far right) and their latest rescue Sunshine the kitten were happy recipients.
You can read more about Ella's amazing work on Jamie Khoo's blog

Two days later, the distribution had begun – at our store room in SunwayMas, volunteers allocated the goodies, and animal lovers arrived to pick up their share for their dogs and cats. From independent rescues like Ella who cares for neglected cats, to established shelters like PAWS and SPCA, everyone who was contacted about the donation were willing recipients.

In caring for animals, there is no true distinction between shelters. Because animals cannot help themselves, it is up to us humans to help them; when we cannot help them personally, then we should support those who can.

How could you resist saving a face like this?

Will YOU join us in establishing a safe and loving home for all neglected animals? Will YOU help us to create a refuge and sanctuary to house the abused and unloved beings of this world who cannot tell us they are suffering?

We are currently looking for a 20 to 30 acre piece of land no more than 40 minutes drive away from Kuala Lumpur. We are also seeking people skilled in animal care to join us in making this place a haven for animals.

Imagine a place where animals can roam free, and able to live their lives out as they wish, never having to worry about food, shelter, warmth and love…

For further information on how you can help, please contact Liaison Jamie Khoo at +6016 323 9567 or

It's no joke when we say we cleaned out Elize's store!

It was quite a task totalling up the purchases

We had plenty of volunteers on hand to help carry and move things

Volunteers worked hard and fast

We bought ALL of Elize's dog food!

Elize and Lily, a volunteer from England, account for everything...

...before it is all moved into the waiting cars!

Elize is reunited with Yogi, one of her schnauzer babies from a long time ago!

Rinpoche, Elize and her business partner John take a photo with her shelves, empty of everything save a framed Lama Tsongkhapa thangka from Rinpoche

Yogi says hi to his mother Jessie

Sibling love - Yogi and Gal Gal got along well

Liaison Ooi Beng Kooi and Ladrang staff JJ Chong helped to organise the storeroom, and allocate supplies to different rescuers and organisations

The allocation was organised by Lily (right)

With so many supplies on her hands, Lily was very busy allocating!

Liaison Ooi Beng Kooi and Lily with Carnea, a dedicated independent animal rescuer

The SPCA were also recipients of plenty of food and supplies

Kechara Animal Sanctuary were very happy to donate to PAWS

Off the food goes, to many happy cats and dogs

The dogs at Furry Friends Farm are sure to howl with delight when they see this!

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