Tortoises on the Loose!

20 December 2009 - 3:35pm Comments Off

It’s been a busy week for all of the animals of Tsem Ladrang! The biggest news is the expansion of Kadro and Menlha’s home to stretch aaaaaaaaaall the way down the garden!

Check out Kadro and Menlha's new home! The new stony path leads all the way around the aviary, so Kadro and Menlha can visit their feathered neighbours!

Kadro at the gates, looking slightly doubtful but soon she's off exploring!

Here she comes! It takes her only two minutes to make her way down to the other end of the path, where she can often be seen in her new favourite spot

In the aviary, a shot of Itchy and Scratchy, our two rescued sparrows

The last baby cockatiel, greyish compared to its more yellow siblings, has finally left its home and made an appearance in the aviary!

Even Rinpoche's dog, Yogi, has had a busy week, trotting around and inspecting the Ladrang!

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