Tweeting Happiness

13 April 2010 - 5:45pm Comments Off

Who could walk away without taking home this adorable thing with its sad eyes?

That’s what His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche thought when he saw the poor canary chirping away on its lonesome at the pet shop. Never happy to see any being suffering, much less animals, Rinpoche felt compelled to rescue the bird from the pet shop to join the Tsem Ladrang aviary.

So the bird that reminds us all of Tweety came back to the Ladrang where it is being cared for. It is being given all the bird seed its little heart could desire, with as many colourful bells and blocks of wood as it can play with!

Tweety is not going to be last animal we rescue. Rinpoche wishes to create a home where abused and neglected animals need no longer worry about their safety, a haven where they will be well-fed and loved, and plenty of room to roam about freely. If you wish to help us start such an animal sanctuary, by donating your expertise or the 15 to 20 acres of land we are looking for, please contact Liaison Jamie Khoo at +6016 323 9567 or for further information.

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