Saving Gonkar

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Tiny under-nourished 2-month old white schnauzer at a local pet shop

Kechara took one step closer to creating our animal sanctuary today in yet another spectacular animal rescue mission!

H.E. Tsem Rinpoche was visiting a pet shop in SS2 when he came across a very small, skinny, sickly looking white schnauzer. Distraught by the terrible state that he was in, Rinpoche sent a huge flurry of SMSes to many of his students in a plea to help find him a home.

Poor puppy - no one wanted him

Among them was a message to Liaison Jamie “Paris” Khoo, asking if her mother would be interested in looking after a small little dog to nurse it back to health. Jamie immediately sent the message to her mother, who agreed to take him in and get his health back on par; she would then find him a good home to go to.

Leaving the pet store for good!

Unfortunately, by then, the pet store was closed so poor “whitey” dog had to stay there for another night. The day though, everyone kicked into action. Liaisons Pastor Loh Seng Piow and Jamie went to the pet store and bought the white schnauzer. True enough, all it took was for them to pick him up to know that he was very badly malnourished and starving. He was practically all skin and bones!!!

Where am I going?

He then went back to the Ladrang for a while to have a snack, and receive some blessings and cuddles from Rinpoche. Jamie’s mother, Jennifer, came by a little while later to pick up the little pup and met with another surprise!

Tsem Rinpoche named the little puppy Gonkar (White Wealth Mahakala) and blessed him before he left for his new home

Rinpoche was extremely relieved and happy that Jennifer would be taking the dog in. In appreciation of her continuous efforts to care for animals, Rinpoche wrote her a personal letter to explain his wish to start an animal sanctuary and to constantly care for animals. Upon reading the letter, Jennifer looked up and said, “I’ve changed my mind. I’m not just going to foster the puppy. I’m going to keep him forever!” The puppy would be going home for good!

Gifts and letters from H.E. Tsem Rinpoche

The letter was also accompanied by plenty of gifts to both Jennifer and her husband Dato’ Peter Khoo for all their continuous support of Dharma work, for both two-legged human beings and four-legged furry friends! Rinpoche gifted them a beautiful Setrap thangka (as both Jennifer and Dato Peter have a strong affinity to Setrap and do his practice), many, many Dharma books, Yomeishu for their health and even a personalised voice message.

Reading Rinpoche's hand-written message on the rear of the thangka

A traditional Setrap thangka for Datin Jennifer and Dato Peter Khoo.

Jennifer was very much overwhelmed and most of all happy that she could contribute in some way to helping a poor puppy who Rinpoche blessed with the name Gonkar – White Wealth Mahakala

Next up, Jennifer and Jamie took the puppy to the vet for a thorough check up. All is well except that the vet noted he is malnutritioned and very underfed. Pet shops certainly need to reconsider how they are treating their animals!!

A new home, a new beginning

At the end of a long day, Gonkar went back to his new home, gobbled up a large dinner (he was starving, poor thing!) and fell fast asleep. He’s certainly in good hands now and we’ll be posting more updates very soon so watch this space for more puppy news!

Rescue missions like this are all part of Rinpoche and Kechara’s wish to start up their own animal sanctuary in the future. It begins with a big wish and small steps that go towards cultivating greater care for our furry friends.

Saying goodbye to little Gonkar

When all had settled down after this amazing day, Rinpoche sent an SMS to all:

“Puppy rescued today will get a happy home thanks to Ladrang’s efforts, Paris and especially Datin Jennifer! Thank you! It makes me happy to save animals a lot! A lot! A lot!

By saving the puppy, we add to our karma to open an animal shelter. Just to wish for something is just part of actualising it. The other part is to START even small scale and do it more steadily and continuously.

People through the animal shelter in the future, will do something useful and have a change to encounter TSONGKHAPA!!!

Even if they don’t enter Tsongkhapa’s path, many animals would be saved, creating awareness to save other animals. It will set examples for many people to do the same in other places!! Inspiring others to do the same is very important.”

We invite you to be a part of this new wave of care that Kechara is trying to develop for all creatures, big, small, furry, scaled or winged. We are now looking to acquire a piece of land – at least five acres – where we can build on and house many, many more animals that are neglected, mistreated and abused, just like Gonkar.

Read about how Datin Jennifer rescued another schnauzer, Jamyang a few months ago…

From hell to heaven - help us save the poor, abused and mistreated...

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