Rescuing Biscuit

7 April 2010 - 5:35pm Comments Off

Recent weeks have seen coordinated efforts to rescue Biscuit, a sweet-tempered dog who has become quite well-known amongst Kechara members. The account below is extracted from Liaison Jamie Khoo’s blog, who is now currently fostering Biscuit until he is adopted.

This is Biscuit, the little mangy mutt who now lives in Drakpa House. He’s a clever little bugger, he is, having identified that Kechara members are great people to be friends with. For about the last month or so, Biscuit’s been making his way up and down our street, between Kechara House (KH) 2 and Kechara Media & Publications, and making friends with any KH person who would stop for a moment to say hello.

The vet giving Biscuit some deworming pills

Very soon, everyone was giving him snacks – ice cream, fried chicken, special dog chews – and he had become a loyal little guard friend who would police the front of the KMP office and the Dharma centre. Biscuit has very bad skin problems, including mange, and bacterial and fungal infections so Liaison Chuah Su Ming arranged for one of the vets in the area to come by to give him an injection for the mange. Susan and I followed up by getting proper medicated wash for him and getting him off the streets before the evil authorities take him away to a horrid pound.

Ås Associate Liaison Susan Lim was trying to get Biscuit to the vet, Louise Lee of Kechara Discovery stopped by to help...and called him Justin! It would seem every department has a different name for this sweet-tempered mutt!

With the help of a dear groomer friend, we got him off the street last night, into a temporary cage and to our Dharma house, Drakpa House where he is now living safely (temporarily) and with lots of regular bowls of food and fresh water. He’s also very skinny so we’ll need to feed him up, get him healthy and vaccinated… and then we’ll need to find him a permanent home (as we are not at home enough in Drakpa House to be able to look after him full time – we’re just fostering for now).

I tried to take photos of him but he wouldn’t stand still for more than 1/2 a second… I managed to squeeze this one little photo out only when he stopped for a few seconds to gobble some biscuits. More pix soon though, promise!

Biscuit before rescue...and after! He hungrily wolfed down some dog biscuits!

If you would like to adopt Biscuit, please get in touch with Jamie Khoo at or call +6016 323 9567 .

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