Patching Up Patches

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A defining feature of the Kechara organisation and her members is the speed with which everyone reacts. Upon receiving the email below from Adelyn Lim, one of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche’s students, it was a matter of seconds before word had spread that this poor dog needed a new home… and it was a matter of hours before a new home had been found for him!

Patches was rescued from the streets after a hit and run accident which left him with two broken hind legs, a lot of pain, and an inability to walk. Kind Adelyn brought him to the vets for treatment and Patches is now well on the road to recovery, even being able to hobble around Adelyn’s porch!

Patches will live with Adelyn until he has fully recovered, when he will be moved to live in a dharma house until Kechara Animal Sanctuary is established. In the meantime, Rinpoche has sponsored a large wooden dog house and supplies for Patches’ care at Adelyn’s house. This includes the installation of two ceiling fans to keep him cool in her car porch.

May the care shown to Patches and all other dogs create the causes for the animal sanctuary to manifest… it seems Patches will be its first very happy resident! If you wish to donate to Patches’ care in the dharma house (when he moves) or Kechara Animal Sanctuary, contact Liaison JP Thong for now (+6012 207 3503; You can also contact Liaison Jamie Khoo at +6016 323 9567 or

Read more about Patches on Rinpoche’s blog!

Dearest friends,

A fortnight ago. tired, exhausted after 14 hours of non stop work, looking forward to a good night’s sleep, I came upon a stray dog at 2.30am injured badly after a hit and run.

After an hour of debating how to get the dog to a vet hospital cos every movement caused him great pain, we managed (i.e after having to cajole and wake up some friends to get out of bed and help) to get him to hospital.

Being a Friday, we actually got his blood results and x-ray on Monday 9/4/10 and were recommended to take him to another vet cos both of the dog’s hind legs were broken and he cannot walk at all.

Poor, poor thing whom we have now named Patches, has one of the sweetest dispositions I have ever seen in a stray. No matter how much pain he feels, I have not heard a single growl from him much less a snarl! All he ever does is wag his tail at you.

Anyways, here we go on Tuesday transporting him to the vet in Taman Megah and prognosis was, yes, he needed surgery scheduled for that Thursday. By the way, did I mention he pooped in the car??? Not really his fault though, he did whine to be let out but Sorry, Patches, I don’t understand doggie language!

It’s now the 25th and Patches is well on the road to recovery! The feeling of happiness when we see him hobble around is beyond words!!!

Now…comes the hard part…he is due to be released from the vet on Tuesday 27th April and we now desperately need someone to foster, care and give him the love and compassion he so desperately requires.

So, please, all of us out there full of compassion, someone, anyone???


My sincere thank you to the following for your kind donations towards Patches’ vet bills which till date has amounted to approx.rm3450:-

Tracey Koh – rm 100

Susan/Sharon – rm 100

David – rm 20

Bryan – rm 10

Ethan – rm 10

Joe Ang – rm 30

Su Ming- rm 50

Jason – rm 20

Thierry/Andrew – rm 500

Datin Khoo and friends – rm 700

KAS fund from Henry – rm 1000

Fang – rm 50

Boathouse -rm 1000

Once again thank you all cos without your kind support Patches will still not be able to walk.

Adelyn Lim


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