Oh no, look what the cat brought in…

18 January 2010 - 5:27am Comments Off

Oh no, look what the cat brought in…

No, that does not refer to a mangled dead carcass, or your mother-in-law!

It’s her litter of three cute little kitties, err…the mother cat’s, that is.

They were delivered to the doorstep of one of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche’s students, Elaine Cheah, this fast becoming a trend of late. Perhaps the animals can sense that Kechara is opening their hearts and minds to them, and they feel us being a safe haven. Or they feel the compassionate energy of the Buddhas emanating from our holy altars and are drawn to it.

These little kittens were initially scaredy cats but playful as they are, they soon began rolling about sparring with each other. They’re not sick or emaciated, thank goodness. They love to be stroked and don’t bite or scratch. They are restless though, and don’t like staying in a box. They’d rather be free and roam around in the garden, waiting for their mum. Mummy cat is as elusive as ever, disappearing for long periods at a stretch, but coming back once in a while to check on her litter. Perhaps she is weaning her kids off her and honing them up to make it on their own. She hangs around the neighbourhood and nobody knows if she has an owner or is a stray.

So if you are a kind soul who can adopt any of these very cute little kitties and give them some love, please contact Kechara Animal Sanctuary by calling +6010 322 6666 or emailing kas@kechara.com. Meanwhile Elaine will continue caring for them, and will get them their shots and have them neutered when they are ready. They’re all girls by the way…we don’t want them coming back later with three new litters!

Let’s create the cause for the speedy manifestation of our animal shelter so these poor creatures (who may have been your mother before actually) fulfil their right to live out their current existence and move on to a better existence, in the most humane way possible…and you and I would have directly made that possible.

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