Listen to Your Guru

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If you have joined a Dharma centre with your parents, get involved in the Dharma centre activities. Attend the classes like the Manjushri Kids Class, join in the animal liberation activities, help distribute food to the poor during the KSK rounds, help around at the centre like clearing the water bowl offerings, sweep the floor and keep the centre clean as you would your own room, take care of the centre’s items, treat with respect holy items like statues and prayer books, get involved in the pujas and retreats, do your daily sadhana.

Most of all listen to your Guru. That is because your Guru is like your God Daddy. He actually takes care of you even more than your parents would be able to. Your parents can only take care of you for this one lifetime but your Guru takes care of you for many many lifetimes, forever.

Why do you need a Guru? Just like you need to have a math teacher to teach you math, a music teacher to teach you music, you need a spiritual Guru to teach you the Dharma. Math and music knowledge is good, but will be gone when you die, but with the knowledge of the Dharma, you take it with you to your next life after you have died. We normally suffer because we made wrong choices.

Dharma knowledge helps you do the right things so you don’t have to suffer so much.

So your Guru, who is your Spiritual Guide is there to guide you and help you, so he is highly valuable. Therefore, treat him with respect because he is teaching you the Dharma and represents all the Buddhas. Stand up when he comes into the room, show your respect by prostrating to him three times, listen intently without fidgeting and making noise when he is teaching, listen to his advice and most important, practice what you have learnt from your Guru.

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