Be Patient

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Wait patiently in line for your turn!

Have you seen people scrambling into buses and pushing other people including the frail old lady, so that they can get in first and grab a seat? Have you seen that when the lift door opens, the crowd often rushes in, pushing their way in even when the people have not had the chance to come out first?

Have you seen that during parties, when the buffet is served, people jostle to get at the food, don’t bother queuing up and really look like hungry ghosts? When in the car with your family, have you come across rude people who honk and show bad signs at other drivers because they can’t stand it when someone has overtaken them?

That is really ugly behaviour, don’t you agree? Hopefully you have not been like that yourself! That shows a lack of patience, thinking of yourself as more important than others, selfishness, lack of consideration and always wanting to win.

If you come across people like that, let them win, let them go, let them grab first. You don’t have to be like them. There is no point in fighting and ending up getting angry and worse, hurt in the process. If you stop fighting, perhaps other people will stop too. But if you join in and fight, then the other people will continue fighting too and where is it going to end?

Everybody gets hurt in the end. You give way first.

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