Respect Your Parents

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Without your parents, would you be here at all? It is because of the sacrifice of your parents and the difficulties they have gone through for you that you are what you are. They work very hard so that you can go to school and have your tuition, ballet, music, taekwondo and art lessons. Why? Well, so that you can be successful when you grow up and take care of yourself.

When you were a baby and cried all night, who stayed up the whole night with no sleep to feed you and hush you to sleep? Who rushed you to the clinic when you had the flu? Who spent hours helping you with your homework? When you are older and need to go to university, who will pay for it, and do you know how expensive it is?

You are very lucky to have parents who love you and care for you. Always remember their kindness and do not take them for granted, because they will not be there forever. It is a hard fact but they will pass away one day just like you would also, and nobody knows when that will happen. So don’t wait till later to show your love and respect to your parents because you might lose that chance and it would be too late to regret.

Give them a hug, tell them you love them, thank them for taking care of you, help them to carry their bag, fetch them a drink without being asked, keep your room tidy, don’t fight with your sister and make your mum sad. Listen to your parents and do what they say because they only want the best for you and accept that they know better than you because they have been alive a lot longer than you.

Don’t be disobedient and make your parents nag and nag you because it would not be a very happy home to live in. If there is something that you can’t do though your parents have asked you to, talk to them and explain why you can’t do it. Surely they will understand. It is important to keep talking to them and don’t shut yourself into a little corner thinking everyone is nasty to you including your parents, because that is not true.

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