Karen Leu

10 May 2009 - 2:11am Comments Off

Karen is a newly appointed member of the Kechara House working committee, serving as an administrator to the centre. This was her first pilgrimage with Kechara House.

The cave where the mahasiddha Tilopa meditated. Beside this cave was Naropa’s cave, where he meditated on Vajrayogini’s practice and gained direct visions of her.

Prayer flags were tied around many trees, surrounding the peak of the Syawambunath Stupa and Manjushri’s teaching site. Even though the flags overlap, it adds on to beautiful scenery of the site.

Vajrayogini temple @ Parphing. The architecture of the building, with all the hand-carved decorations is so authentic and historical.

Guru Rinpoche’s handprint at the cave in Parphing. Everyone got the chance to make aspiration prayers right there, where Guru Rinpoche meditated.

From Pharping, the beautiful green view seen from the top of the mountain, outside the Self Arising Tara temple.

While Rinpoche lead the prayer, I closed my eyes doing the chanting. Though my eyes were closed, I could feel the pigeons flying around in sync with Rinpoche’s prayer. The feeling was just so calming…

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