Reincarnation Videos YOU MUST WATCH!

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Dear friends,


I wanted to share these videos with you for the longest time and I am happy I can do so now. Learn, ponder and enjoy.

Reincarnation forms the basis of Buddhism. It is the pillar of belief which gives rise to the cause and effect way of living or karma. Reincarnation has been followed not only by Buddhism but by the one billion Hindus currently. Also in the past, many religions including Christianity and certain sects of Islam also followed. this belief. There are sects of Islam that also believe in it today in Eastern Europe.

But there have always been people not of any religious denominations or assigned reincarnation to any religion that have experienced it first hand and it has profoundly changed their lives. Very interesting.

Some of the videos are older from the 70′s, and not perfectly sharp or clear, but nevertheless, the evidence and research are very applicable and timeless.

I have found some incredibly intriguing videos for you to watch and ponder. Please watch them carefully. They are not religious in nature at all and at some points ‘scientifically’ measured. You will find it very valid as the presentation is very clear, direct and that it happens to perfectly ‘normal’ people. Please watch, enjoy, ponder and think deeper to the meaning of how we exist.

Do leave me a comment at my blog and name the video you found most interesting and which one you liked the best. I am very interested to know which one all of you found helpful.


Tsem Rinpoche

P.S. I thank Chris of Kechara InMotion (KIM) department for working so hard to get these videos together for me. Also Jean Ai and Shin of e-Division for coordinating with Chris. We had very BUSY DAYS this past week and they had plenty of work. Yet they squeezed this in for me. Thanks a lot!!


Secrets of Supernatural Reincarnation by the 5th Dimension

Past Life Evidence

A young boy can remember that he was a fighter pilot accurately and astonishes his sceptical parents
who later had no choice but to believe. How nice of the parents to share this with us. Thank you very much.

Children Remember their Past Life

Reincarnation: The Story of a Scottish Child

Regression – Part 1 – Very Interesting

Regression – Part 2

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