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Butterlamps are a form of light offering to the Three Jewels. Light dispels darkness; therefore offering light dispels our ignorance and helps us to gain wisdom.

Kechara Discovery has designed a range of butterlamps to suit today’s modern practitioner, crafted from enamel with various designs and motifs.

In olden Tibetan times, butterlamps were typically filled with butter, which was a precious and rare commodity then. When monks were offered butter tea to drink, they would skim butter from the surface of the drink and save it for offerings.

In today’s modern and busy days, we can offer light in the form of butterlamps, oil lamps or candles. Most importantly, as they are an offering to the enlightened beings, they should always be of the best material and quality that we can afford.

To buy, just walk in to any of our retail stores or shop online at VajraSecrets.com.

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