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Join us as a member and support our work to spread the Dharma. Help us to help others!

Membership Benefits

  • Opportunity to propagate the holy Buddhadharma to benefit many
  • Special prayer dedications on auspicious days for excellent health and fulfilment of your wishes
  • Prayers and spiritual support in times of bereavement and difficulties
  • Priority bookings for KH activities

Why We Need Your Help

Your membership subscription fees go towards:

  • Spiritual Community welfare
  • Chapel and Gompa maintenance
  • Operational expenses
  • Building maintenance
  • Incidentals

Types of Membership and Fees

Life Member
Type A
Life Member
Type B
Processing Fee RM 10 RM 10 RM 10 RM 10
Joining Fee RM 500 RM 500 waived waived
Yearly Subscription RM 120 RM 60 RM 100 RM 180
Voting rights Yes No No No

For further information about membership, please contact Kechara House Front Desk at +603 7803 3908.

5 Responses to Membership

  1. Hi, Do you allow members outside Malaysia?

  2. NameJesline


    Kindly advise what is the different with Life Member Type B and Ordinary member?


  3. Hi, my name is Martin and I’m very very interest in becoming the member of Kechara. I’m from Ipoh and what do I need to do in becoming one?