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When You Get Knocked Down, But You Get Up Again

In search of a better living, a gentleman by the name of Ari came to KL three months ago to work as a waiter in a restaurant in town. He was barely making ends meet and slept on the streets at night. As he was on his way home one evening, a motorcycle knocked down Ari and he sustained heavy injuries. The most severe impact was on his left arm which doctors advised would require surgery.

Through his cousin, Ari contacted Kechara Soup Kitchen and we helped him apply for welfare aid to fund his surgery and paid for his hospital stay. This week, Ari was discharged from the hospital and we referred him to Pusat Transit Gelandangan KL for temporary shelter while he recovers. The location of Pusat Transit Gelandangan also makes it easier for Ari to travel to the hospital to redress his bandages and clean his wounds. He will be able to be independent and start working again in the very near future.

Special thanks to the kind officers of Yayasan Kebajikan Negara for tending to Ari’s case.

Elderly Uncle Sets Up Home Outside Hospital

Uncle Tan is another new resident of Kuala Lumpur, who came to the city a few months ago to seek medical treatment for his health problems. Because he has difficulty walking and it is costly for him to travel back and forth for the many hospital appointments he has every month, he chose to live on the streets around the Chow Kit area. On good days, his friends let him sleep in their apartments but he is never sure if he will have shelter for the night.

A few weeks ago, he was robbed of his belongings including his Mykad. We helped him replace his lost Mykad and also helped him fill out a welfare aid application form to help with the cost of his medical appointments.

Uncle Chong’s New Home

One hot weekday afternoon, Uncle Chong walked into our Jalan Imbi centre asking if we had a spare wheelchair he could have. As a volunteer attended to him, the elderly uncle revealed that he was unable to find work and had been living on the streets in the Bukit Bintang district for the past few months. Due to his old age, he experienced severe pain when walking. He was previously advised by doctors to stay in a shelter but did not like the idea very much.

Upon hearing his plight, we arranged to have him meet the owner of a local shelter we are familiar with to see if Uncle would change his mind. The shelter owner, Mr Robert, invited Uncle Chong to have dinner with him and the shelter residents and gave Uncle a tour of the property.

By the end of the day, Uncle Chong was happy to stay. Mr Robert’s kindness and hospitality was instrumental in making Uncle Chong feel welcome. We are very pleased to see Uncle Chong off the streets, especially because he seemed to be in a lot of pain and had difficulty walking around.

The Fight For Sight: Local Eyecare Providers Tackle Sight Loss

On April 22nd, OneCommunityWorldwide, an established provider of wellness products, set up a mobile eye care station in our Jalan Imbi centre to provide eye testing services. A total of 43 interested clients were tested and 37 of them were given proper reading glasses. Thanks to Dato’ Steven Yeam of One Community Worldwide, Mr. LF Soon of IonSpec and Justin Kok of Zenone, the service and the glasses were free for all clients.

It is important that many of our clients, many of them elderly, can see clearly. A big thank you to these donors for providing such a service. The volunteers were very friendly and service-oriented which was very refreshing to our clients who lack such attention. We received a lot of positive feedback from the clients and will put more effort into providing more of these services in the near future.

Five Years and Counting: Starwood Hotels And Their Remarkable Commitment to Urban Poor

The Starwood Hotel group runs some of Kuala Lumpur’s finest hotels including Sheraton Imperial, Aloft KL, Le Meridien and the Westin. While they cater to the city’s crème de la crème, their impact does not stop at that level. Every Tuesday since 2011, the group has been serving lunch from our soup kitchen.

The hotel group takes great effort in preparing a simple hot vegetarian meal for our clients, often cooking the food in their hotel kitchens and transporting it fresh to our centre. Apart from sponsoring food for Kechara Soup Kitchen all these years, these hotels show a remarkable commitment by sponsoring other charity groups as well.

Passerby Alerts Us Of  Motorcycle Crash Victim

During one of our Saturday night rounds, we received a call from a kind samaritan reporting an injured homeless girl in Petaling Street. We dispatched Dr Ang and his team, who was volunteering that night, to see if she needed any medical assistance. The girl, Relevi, told us that she was riding pillion on a friend’s motorcycle when they were hit by a car. Relevi’s leg was dragged for some distance along the road and as a result, she sustained a long scrape on her right knee running down to the ankle.

We were surprised to hear that the accident happened a whole week ago as the wound was still fresh. She told us that she hadn’t gone to a clinic to have it dressed because she was told that it would cost a lot of money which she could not afford. Additionally, her right foot was very swollen from not moving her right leg for a long time.

Worried that she would catch an infection, Dr Ang proceeded to clean her wounds thoroughly and dress them, which was a very painful experience for Relevi who clutched the hands of one of our volunteers for comfort. She was very thankful and jolly at the end of the painful experience. Dr Ang also helped Relevi support her leg on a makeshift platform to increase circulation and reduce the swelling.

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