Yang Dzay Rilbu (Wealth Pills)

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Yang Dzay Rilbu are a portable version of the wealth vase, whose energies purify and enrich our individual lives and increase our ability to benefit others. They can be worn around the neck, hung inside the car, kept in the office, home, altar or wealth vase.

These sacred objects known as “Magnet of Prosperity” or “Essence of Good Fortune” are medicinal in origin. Entirely based on the Tibetan Buddhist scriptures, they are made from herbs sourced from the Himalayan region which are then dried, ground to a paste and hand moulded into small pills. These pill are then wrapped in protective cloth, then sealed and consecrated by Tibetan High Lamas through a powerful puja to invoke the energy of a wealth deity.

Yang Dzay Rilbu are available in five different colours, each representing a different aspect of enlightened activity.

  • Blue : Subjugation / Wisdom
  • White : Purity / Clarity
  • Yellow : Wealth / Growth
  • Red : Control / Attraction
  • Green : Wishfulfilling / Swiftness

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2 Responses to Yang Dzay Rilbu (Wealth Pills)

  1. how to buy this?please advice.thanks

  2. how to buy this?please advice.thanks
    reply at : bspa168@yahoo.com