A Virtual Temple

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It might be easy to find temples and great masters in Buddhist countries like Thailand, but it is not such a simple task in many parts of the world.

Prisons are more readily found than temples in so many parts of the world. Perhaps one solution would be to build more temples rather than to build another prison. Prisons might be effective in discouraging crime, but a temple would be an ideal way to inspire people to become better and happier citizens.

Yes, the Earth would be a much better place to live in if we are all better and happier citizens. A virtual temple could be a great solution instead of a temple built of bricks and mortar. It would be very effective to spread the message of love and compassion across boundaries being easily accessible to those in need, no matter where they are or who they are. It’s just a click of the mouse away!

We want to create a virtual temple or a virtual Dharma center. Our main mission is help society through the Internet and social media.

Motivated by this concept, eDivision was set up by H.E. Tsem Rinpoche Rinpoche on 20 March 2009, with an ambitious goal – Global Domination! No, it’s not a Star Wars or World War III story, but a resolve to spread the secret of happiness and peace through the Internet. The purpose is to conquer suffering in the world through compassion and love.

“eDivision’s mission is to reach out to as many people as possible much like the Thousand Arm Chenrezig,” said Ooi Beng Kooi, Head of eDivision. The Thousand Arm Chenrezig is the embodiment of compassion in action.

Tsem Rinpoche himself described eDivision as a Thousand Arm Chenrezig with multiple roles. It is the virtual arm of Tsem Rinpoche, spreading his teachings to all corners of the world, effectively making Tsongkhapa’s teachings available to anyone living in countries where Buddhism is not flourishing or does not exist.

By merely sitting in front of a computer to send these messages, eDivision can “bring hope to those who are depressed and lost”. eDivision’s main concern is not to convert people into Buddhists. It sees its role as bringing a message of hope to those who “stumble upon Tsem Rinpoche’s blogs, Youtube teachings and other online teachings. It brings hope to them at a crucial moment when they might pause at the thought of committing suicide or consider taking drugs or alcohol, and learn to be a better person, a better mother or father…or ultimately discover an interest in Buddhism and seek a Guru.”

Since its inception, eDivision’s mission to spread Tsem Rinpoche’s teachings through the Internet has not changed. Its many functions have expanded to include updating Tsem Rinpoche’s blogs, handling correspondence, sharing his teachings on video sharing and social media channels, and managing Kechara’s official website.

The aim of eDivision is to make Buddhist philosophy and wisdom open to all, irrespective of where you are, making Tsem Rinpoche accessible to everyone through blogs, YouTube, live streaming, websites and social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

eDivision holds a unique position, as a unit attached to Tsem Rinpoche’s private office, Tsem Ladrang. It works closely with Tsem Rinpoche to broadcast any updates and teachings with friends online.

eDivision, which had a humble beginning of two full time staff, now has seven full time staff and a few volunteers. It has, as predicted by Tsem Rinpoche, grown and benefitted many more people since it began operation.

Just A Click Away From Happiness

This virtual temple has given you access to the secret of eternal happiness even if you are not physically close to a great master. The path to inner peace is still open to you. Through eDivision, as envisioned by Tsem Rinpoche, the ancient wisdom and precious teachings of the Buddha is still accessible to hundreds and thousands of people, across the oceans and through virtual space.

Tsem Rinpoche is always willing to share with you. A happier you or a peaceful world, is an achievable vision and it’s just a click away or a YouTube away!

eDivision helps Tsem Rinpoche to benefit the world with positive, happy and peaceful energies for a more beautiful world. In order to fulfill Tsem Rinpoche’s vision we need financial support from sponsors, volunteers, and etcetera. It would be a sad day indeed if we ended up as a two arm Cherenzig without your support! Please help us help Tsem Rinpoche to create a more beautiful and peaceful world.

How can you help?

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