Quiz time with Kechara Paradise!

12 January 2011 - 4:30pm 1 Comment

Kechara Paradise is one way for newcomers to the Dharma to learn more so for us to do our jobs effectively, we need to know what we are talking about…and there is no better way to test our knowledge than through a fun quiz!

Early on in the new year, Kechara Paradise staff were led on a tour of the new gompa by Liaison Henry, before gathering in Kechara Care Lounge for dinner and a quiz. This followed Henry’s instruction to us to read up on His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche’s blog, which he would test our knowledge of at the quiz.

Liaison Henry Ooi with our guests of honour Dato' Ruby Khong and Datuk May Phng

Henry explained that the quiz was not to embarrass anyone, or for anyone to show off their knowledge. It was to encourage staff to learn and understand more about Rinpoche’s life, in order to speak convincingly about him and the Kechara organisation in every possible way…and with nearly 90 questions kindly prepared for us, we had plenty of opportunities to learn and laugh again!

Our top four scorers had their prize-giving ceremony on the spot, with a pleasant surprise when first place went to our very new family member, Darren. There were even more surprises after the prize-giving ceremony when out came the birthday cake for Mitra, Giok Leng and Davin, who were all celebrating their birthdays.

Kechara Paradise would like to wish everyone a fruitful 2011, and much happiness in the years ahead!

Everyone eagerly anticipates the questions

The beautiful surprise birthday cake!

Happy birthday to Giok Leng, Davin and Mitra!

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  1. What were the questions? I would love to try my hand at the quiz….Fun Stuff!!