Kechara needs YOU!

17 August 2010 - 11:22pm Comments Off

Even Lord Kitchener wants you to join us!

If an organisation is the sum of its members, then to make Kechara World Peace Centre manifest, Kechara needs all the people we can get. To leave behind a legacy we can be proud of, we need plenty of skills, dedication and effort…Kechara needs YOU!

There have been a whole slew of promotions recently to encourage you to become a member, like our nearly-50% reduction of the membership fee. You’d think we would stop there but at Kechara, we’re always pushing the envelope – we want to make it easier for people to access and incorporate spirituality into their lives…and well, we’re about to make it even easier!

Want this view from your bedroom window? Make sure you're at KWPC with us - join Kechara today!

The Kechara Paradise outlets have always acted as modern temples for modern people, bringing Dharma to people in the place they least expect it…shopping malls! So we’re going to take advantage of that and help people to start their spiritual journey whenever they want to – instead of coming to Kechara House to sign up, you’ll be able to sign up at any of the five outlets as an ordinary member.

The benefits will be pretty much the same to you, with the added benefit of convenience and the opportunity to make immediate and full use of your 20% discount in the outlets*!

Don’t have time to make it down to SunwayMas? Pop into any one of our outlets and get yourself registered today!

*for one month upon receipt of your membership payment. Thereafter, the normal discount of 10% applies.

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