An Evening on Dzambala, Dharma and Death

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Apart from the fact they were doing 108 Dzambala pujas, this Dzambala puja session did not seem different to any other. As the group chanted the holy sounds of Dzambala’s mantra, they focused all of their energies on generating blessings for the manifestation of Kechara World Peace Centre (KWPC).

Over 60 people gathered in Kechara House 1 to invoke Dzambala's holy energy

Watching them through the Kechara system of webcams, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche felt compelled to speak to those who had come together to so committedly pray for the success of their dharma centre.

To the surprise of over 60 people, Rinpoche arrived at the end of the puja and began his talk by elaborating on death meditation. Explaining how to engage in death meditation, Rinpoche delved into the reasons and benefits of such a practice, and provided methods for a practitioner to check if their practice is heading in the right direction.

Not only were offerings mentally envisioned, but actually arranged!

As with any practice, the results will indicate whether a practitioner is engaging in it correctly. In the case of death meditation, Rinpoche explained the results include a steady and unceasing enthusiasm for dharma work, practice, learning and thinking; a decline in depression, purposelessness and feelings of loneliness; a greater ease in transforming one’s negative habits into positive ones. As one can expect, effective death meditation also increases one’s sense of urgency to do more meaningful activities in and with their life.

Rinpoche had the audience captivated with his positive talk on death

For many people, this meaningful activity is the work to build KWPC. Addressing the reason why everyone gathered that night, Rinpoche said they were doing much more than just reciting a puja. They were actively contributing to the manifestation of their future retreat centre – although lacking the knowledge to build KWPC itself, they were helping to ensure the project was obstacle-free. Thus, it was through the power of their prayers that Kechara World Peace Centre will manifest.

Making ritual water offerings to Dzambala to invoke his blessings and generate merit

Some members of the audience shut their eyes as Rinpoche described what the World Peace Centre would be like – images of greenery, secluded forest paths and mountain scenery filled our minds. It is only through the skill of a lama like Rinpoche that a talk on death meditation could be anything but sombre, and in fact be turned into a positive talk of the future.

A talk given by Rinpoche is anything but dull

Join us in building KWPC! Don’t be left behind! Rinpoche has given us the opportunity to engage in extensive Dzambala and Setrap retreats for this very purpose…so keep your eyes peeled and visit our website for further announcements!



Girlie Ooi was umze for the night. Many of Kechara's most dedicated members were in attendance, including Liaison Paul Yap and Honorary Liaison and former Kechara President Datin Ng Wee Chin

Mandala offerings and water offerings to Dzambala

His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche came to speak after the puja

Rinpoche's talks are characterised by their authentic source, as well as lots of laughter and teasing

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