Kechara Paradise is Bali beautiful!

7 August 2010 - 11:39am Comments Off

It is not just the Himalayan region where we go to get our treasures, but from a place a little closer to home…beautiful Bali in Indonesia! Recently, a little group of us set off on a three-day shopping trip, led by Liaison Henry Ooi.

Staying in Ubud, this little corner of Bali was a haven of shops filled with all sorts of handicrafts…and it’s a good thing too, that they were because the purpose of our trip was to explore and purchase new items for our outlets! It was three long but fun-filled days as we scoured the local area, carefully hand-picking works of art to be brought back to Malaysia. Spending so much time in so many workshops, we could not help but be amazed by the very talented craftsmen, and especially impressed by their intricate wood carvings!

Keep your eyes peeled for these new items to show up soon in a Kechara Paradise outlet near you!

Every item was carefully hand-selected

The shops there specialised in specific items, this one in conch shells

A morning market in Bali

Searching for stones to decorate our statues

Silver, silver, everywhere!

After a long day of work, we sit down to a yummy dinner

May Woo shops for wooden offering items

A morning walk on our final day in Bali

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