On Zong Rinpoche, Vajrayogini, Refuge and Blessings

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For a group of people coming to see the miracle plant growing from His Holiness Kyabje Zong Rinpoche’s right knee, they expected to make a khata offering, perhaps an offering on the mandala and then leave Tsem Ladrang feeling a little bit more blessed.

Well, for that same group, they got a lot more blessings than they asked for…!

Many people came to pay their respects to His Holiness Kyabje Zong Rinpoche

Seeing such a large group of people coming to pay their respects to the statue of his root guru, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche felt moved to give a talk on the statue’s background, and why the statue and other holy objects have the power to bless. This was followed by a Vajrayogini kako ritual and a refuge ceremony.

Rinpoche accepts a khata offering from Kechara's guests of honour, Raj Kumar and his wife Sangita

Rinpoche shows the audience the thangkas that Raj and Sangita offered Rinpoche shows the audience the thangkas that Raj and Sangita offered

Speaking on blessings, Rinpoche explained that a blessing is when you do something good. That action creates an imprint in your mind which, in the future, can be triggered when we see something similarly good. When it is triggered, the imprint compels us to do good things. Rinpoche explained that it is that trigger which is a blessing.

Rinpoche said that holy beings like Zong Rinpoche have minds of compassion. This permeates the environment and their belongings, and by that power of their compassionate minds, they have the power to trigger our imprints. Thus, we say that holy beings bless us as they trigger our minds to benefit others.

His talk on blessings was followed by a Vajrayogini kako ritual, to clear the obstacles of the attendees, before Rinpoche gave a refuge ceremony. Explaining that those who had previously taken refuge with him should renew their vows, Rinpoche said that everyone else was free to take refuge with him at that moment in time.

With help from his assistant, Rinpoche conducted a Vajrayogini obstacle-clearance ritual for everyone

Regular attendees of Kechara activities will know just how rarely Rinpoche conducts refuge-taking ceremonies. Often times, requests have to be made well in advance, and the refuge-takers have to be approved by Rinpoche. Talks are also held beforehand to ensure everyone understands the significance and preciousness of taking refuge. After all, it is a ceremony during which the guru promises to guide and care for the student until Enlightenment, whilst the student promises to follow his advice.

People of all ages were fortunate to receive the direct blessings of Vajrayogini, the Buddha whose blessings grow ever-powerful during this degenerate age

Yes, it really is that simple! You will not get better value than that for anything anywhere else…for so much benefit that the Guru brings to us until we have achieved ultimate happiness, all he asks for is for us to implement his advice!

Rinpoche leading everyone in a dedication prayer

Given the background of a refuge ceremony, for one to be given in this impromptu manner was a real honour for everyone present. In fact, in the presence of such a holy being as Rinpoche, as well as the statue of his root guru which recently manifested signs of Kechara’s future success, perhaps it was no surprise that everyone left the Ladrang that night with wide smiles on their faces, and a lot more blessed than when they had entered.

With his old friends Raj Kumar and wife Sangita

Old friends share a hug

Bidding farewell...for now

After the talk, and with a deeper understanding of what a blessing is, many people went back to pay further respects to His Holiness Kyabje Zong Rinpoche

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