Building a home for the homeless

4 August 2010 - 9:05am 1 Comment

Our President's office

It has been exciting times just off Jalan Imbi, where a lot of work has been done on the new Kechara Soup Kitchen building! Since renovation works started back in June, efforts have been focused on the durability and functionality of the building. Below are some photos that were taken a couple of weeks ago…we have made far more progress since!


The renovations here are progressing well, with approximately 70% of the work completed. With the roof complete, the ceilings have also been installed, together with all the necessary wiring and lighting. Partitions for rooms such as our President’s office and the VIP waiting area have been erected. The next step is to install the glass that will form the walls. Our CCTV and alarm systems have been installed, and are being put through their paces. We expect carpets to be laid by end of the week, and cabinets to be installed immediately after that.

Ground Floor

A lot of heavy duty renovation work has been going on in areas of high traffic, notably in our kitchen and dining areas. Workers have erected partitions to form rooms for doctors and counsellors to conduct their work. Storage areas have also been created. Having received delivery of the glass for our walls, they will be installed in the partitions and in the kitchen over the next few days. In fact, most of our ground floor is nearing completion, pending installation of the tiles.

The tentative completion date for our renovation works is 15 August 2010. We will be updating with more pictures on our renovation progress as the completion date draws nearer so stay tuned!

Wall that runs alongside the stairs leading up to the first floor

The pantry door on the first floor

The first floor toilet and pantry areas

Our VIP waiting area

Work in the ground floor ceiling, towards the back of our building

Piping work on the ground floor

A table on the ground floor

What will probably be the hub of activity in our new building...our kitchen!

Another view of our kitchen area

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